I’m Sarah and I inspire women to tap into their feminine power and use it to live with greater passion, purpose and vitality. I use movement, like dance and yoga, along with an eclectic approach to coaching, to unfold a more pleasure-steeped life.

Are you ready for more pleasure and more purpose in your life?

I’ll help you whisper (or sing) your spirit back into daily life And live with complete authenticity, pleasure and permission as you unfold the life you desire.

It’s more than ok to throw your head back and enjoy this ride. In fact, that’s the whole idea.

My coaching practice is about hearing your Essence speak as you enliven the body and mind to express your soul. Because living as a brilliant, beautiful force on this planet and in your life starts with your feelings, moment by moment.

Oh, yes, feeling. That’s a big part of the work: slowing down to feel. Sifting down to the sensory level of aliveness.

There’s wisdom there—a deep, primal, body-rushing wisdom.

Try it right now

Today, feel the silk scarf brush your cheek.

Really taste the tang of the lemon in your water—and feel the sun that emboldened the lemon to swell.

Circle back.

Flow towards source.

Feel the gifts of aliveness in this body.

Yes, there.

If you try this way of living today, already you’ve reclaimed some power and balance—and ignited a sacred alchemy that comes only when you love life in your own skin.

How do we work together?

Together, we’ll spark an awakening through movement, ritual, yoga, self-inquiry, one-on-one coaching and restorative tools from the world’s many wisdom traditions.

Together we will:

  • Align with your soul purpose
  • Restore your spirit through sensual and gratifying aliveness practices
  • Reclaim that glorious sass of yours
  • Express yourself—we need your gifts, your truth and your unedited “you-ness”
  • Bring your confidence, vivacity and vulnerability to the world with full integrity

Sarah helped me loosen up a bit and allow myself to be wild, wise and free!

I am smiling as I write this because Sarah has, time and time again, opened her heart up to me, and those around her, by creating such amazing and sacred space within her work.

She truly empowers me to be the best woman I can be. I am forever grateful to work with such an amazing woman.



I love, honor and high five you for being here.

You want to live deeply and soulfully-on-purpose—with pleasure steering the ship of your life. I help women do this every day through the following coaching and movement combination packages.

Let’s set a course for happiness and vitality together.

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Movement is meaningful . . . and essential to feeling extraordinary. 

As a dancer, yoga instructor, life coach and sensuosity guide, I help people bring greater freedom and pleasure to their daily lives. This work often calls upon dance, yoga or other combinations of movement, tailored to your needs in the moment.

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