are transforming the world


Have you heard from yourself today? Do you truly inhabit this day, gulping it with relish—and the entirety of your being?

My coaching is about taking you back to the original feminine power, wholeness and aliveness that is your birthright. We get there through guided soul work, oh-so-sweet self-care and maybe a little hip shimmy. Because to get the life you want, you’ve got unfold yourself and get it going on.

When you do, it feels good—and you become one of those thriving women who’s healing the world.

Stoke your life fire. Here’s how.

I’ll help you reconnect to the wild inner woman who knows her needs not only matter, they’re divine messages. She body-hugs her purpose and prefers to saunter, glide, tango (anything but tiptoe) through this journey as an embodied soul. In other words, she goes for joy. Every day.


Tap into the power of your sensory life experience


Honor the body’s requests for sensuality, movement, regular self-care and enjoyment


Connect to your senses and yourself through an individualized blend of movement, ritual, yoga, guided self-inquiry and more


Unfold and grow into the woman you were born to be, and speak your deepest desires

Here I am.

Yoga Instructor. Dancer. Intuitive. Movement and burlesque teacher. Life coach. Mindfulness Guide.

I’m all these things—but above all I’m here to help passionate women express themselves fully, honor their bodies, articulate their visions and desires—and connect to their innate joyfulness every single day.

Sometimes this comes through movement, sometimes ritual, sometimes Tarot or astrology or other soul digging methodologies from a range of spiritual traditions. Sometimes the work is just to sit over tea to discuss and unravel the places within you that are wound too tight, under-fed or waiting to be channeled fully and vibrantly.

I help women push through the fog to experience more pleasure, sensuality, energy and self-expression each day.

My clients reconnect with movement, self-understanding and simple daily pleasures that both anchor and delight them. Because from there, we can go for our dreams.

Shall We?