Client Success Stories

I had been exploring different types of somatic therapy and movement courses and Qoya kept on popping up in conversations I had with colleagues and mentors in the wellness community. After buying Rochelle’s book, I just new in all my bones it was something I HAD to do. The wonderful thing about Qoya with Sarah, is that it is a practice full open for self exploration.

Sarah’s creates an open and safe space for each woman to create her own experience.

That is what is so beautiful about this practice, through dance and  movement we create community and explore intimacy with one another. Sarah bring new varieties of intimacy with every class she teaches… besides movement, I love her choice in music, the use of divination cards, and partnering to explore each potent theme she brings to class.

Since starting my work with Sarah I have noticed I have become so much more conscience of my relationships to my hips and my pelvis. Through dancing I have been able to keep that dialogue open and resource through my own practice of movement.  

There never seems to be enough time or words to express my gratitude for this practice. One thing that is super obvious when sharing in Qoya together with Sarah, is how passionate she is about women and movement and how much time and effort and love she dedicates to make each class so potent and powerful.

Sydney Z.

Sarah is masterful at supporting me to live with joy, sass and authenticity. She asks powerful questions and her body awareness has helped me get out of my head and into the present moment with gusto! Sarah’s free spirit is liberating to be around and I am more brave to be me because of her coaching.

Tamara B.

Even when I enter a class with stuff on my mind and the stresses of life bothering me, I always leave class feeling great! Also, I can touch my toes now without bending my knees; something that I could never do before yoga. I love doing yoga with Sarah and I am even now considering taking teacher training!

Carl B.

Working with Sarah has been instrumental in both my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional state of balance.

On many occasions I came to class in a state of complete overwhelm and stress, only to find 45 minutes later that I was in a completely happy and balanced state.

Sarah is dedicated to being the best resource for each individual no matter what their needs.

Her presence is soothing, bringing exactly the right amount and type of information that is helpful to yoga practitioners.  She typically links the yoga posture information with whatever the day’s challenges may be, connecting  experiences in outer reality with yoga movement. Each of Sarah’s yoga classes is unique, allowing the achievement of new skills and connections.

I have experienced a few yoga teachers both in person and electronic teaching versions, but Sarah has a spiritual balance and sincerity that brings her skillful instruction to a higher level than I’ve previously experienced.  

Yoga and Sarah are like peanut butter and jelly…they are deliciously magnificent together!

Patti Dean

Ready for this balance in your life?

Qoya is the class you’ve maybe never heard of, but need to. Qoya is the class that may have you thinking, “I could never”, but you really should. Every time I have left  class, regardless of how I felt coming into it, I always leave feeling lightened, empowered, invigorated, and peaceful. As a fairly introverted individual working with anxiety on a daily basis the idea of a mainly free-form dance class may sound terrifying, but it’s actually an amazing remedy.

Sarah does a beautiful job of cultivating a safe, positive space that encourages the people she works with to feel open, free, and brave!

Taking an hour of time to just listen to your heart beat, and dance to it, is a pretty incredible thing…

Genevieve C.

Since starting yoga classes I have noticed I have been less frazzled on a week to week basis, and I have strengthened my core. Sarah really takes the time to connect with each individual and build on each session. Additionally, no matter how hard I work, I always end up leaving feeling reenergized and refreshed.

Sarah is natural at reading the needs of the room and while she always has a plan, she is natural at adapting it to meet the needs of everyone.

Since beginning yoga classes with Sarah i feel so good about myself and my body from spending even just one day per week in yoga. I feel more centered and very accomplished. I would highly encourage everyone to take at least one class with Sarah. She works really well with people of all levels and abilities.


Since working with Sarah I have noticed my body feels better. The insights I gain from each session are so specific to the moment and problem I’ve been experiencing, I usually work something out through the course of the class.

I feel I catch the spirit of wanting to be a part of the uplift of other women. A deep sense that we’re all in this together and need one another.

I want to both give and receive in a stronger way after these classes. That part of me gets activated, in the best way.

I love Sarah’s welcoming, inclusive spirit. She holds such a positive, experienced energy that really let’s other people participating “go there” in their experience.

I like the connection aspect with the other women who attend. I leave feeling uplifted. Unlike other exercise classes, there is a strong component of connecting with other participants. You come away enriched by new human connection, which is something we are all so hungry for and often are at a loss of how to satisfy that need within our isolating society.  

-Kathryn Lucatelli

Sarah has a beautiful soul and caring style and comes through as she guides you through a practice. You sense she truly cares about your experience and your practice. Her words, a story told along the way is truly transporting and free spirited.


Sarah has made me feel inspired and able to try new things, available to feel my own feelings as they arise. Sarah is a well-studied and thoughtful teacher who seamlessly integrates multiple wisdom traditions and alignment-based innovations, without preaching, parroting or sounding contrived. She infuses her classes with inspiration, grace, and relevance. The take aways from her classes are many… in addition to a full heart and invoked spirit.


Sarah has an incredible ability to understand what people need to hear and where their focus needs to go, and she provides space for safe and intimate self-reflection.

I have difficulty accessing my breath. I am often in a state of shallow breathing, and my exhales are particularly challenging – symbolically I hold on to everything and carry it with me. Working with Sarah, I find my breath like nowhere else. She has helped me to get in touch with myself in this way.

Her  classes have helped me to release just enough so that something else, something that has been buried but needs to be heard, can arise.

Sarah has given me genuine insights to myself, my behaviors and thought patterns, and my intentions and goals. I have always felt welcome and comfortable working with Sarah, even when the topics or intentions are not so comfortable.  Sarah is constantly on a quest to make herself and everyone and everything around her more alive, more beautiful, more open. And this honestly shines through, it is what she radiates.

Meghan Lucas