You are amazing. I love, honor and high five you for being here. You want to live deeply and soulfully-on-purpose—with integrity steering the ship of your life.
I help women do this every day.

Let’s set a course for happiness and vitality together.

Initial Session: AWAKEN Your Desires

This is how we begin our journey together.

Discover yourself anew with an intention-sharpening soul session—and repeat as needed.

Goals: Deepen your self-awareness, put words to your pangs, define how you want to spend your precious time on our planet and learn to give yourself what you need to make it happen.

  • Chip away at self-limiting beliefs (a.k.a. a potent, soul-dipping coaching session)
  • Define the journey sprawling before you, emotionally, spiritually and physically
  • Cultivate home practices to support self-discovery and wellbeing as you leap, swagger and arabesque onward (yes, that’s I how I want you to feel)
  • Launch our working relationship together—and stoke your inner bliss furnace right away

Ideal for: Folks who crave fuller personal expression and are ready to take their aliveness off hold for good.

What you get:

  • Pre-session assessment and questionnaire
  • 90-minute coaching session
  • Follow-up email and take-home practices for integrating coaching into daily life

Package price: $144

An Initial Session is how I begin working with all clients.
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Package 2: ALCHEMIZE Each Moment

6 Week Immersion

I believe “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience.”* When we want to feel greater energy, vitality, sensual expression and creativity, we must enter into a dance with all layers of the Self. Transform your daily routine into one steeped in aliveness and pleasure. Learn to deconstruct stress, better express your unique gifts and recharge your spirit. Every. Single. Day.

That dance begins here.

Goals: Let’s uncloak the real you, the original you behind your many roles such as “life manager,” “career-builder” and ”to-do list conqueror.”  It’s time to plunge into your values and longings, determine if and how you’re living in alignment with them, and discuss how to shift gently into full, physical vitality.

  • Understand the shadow self and how emotional patterns may be stifling your desires
  • Bring awareness to all levels of the self—emotional, spiritual, mental and sensual
  • Re-charge your sensory experience of life through movement, self-care and daily pleasure
  • Hone intuitive approaches for decision-making in daily life—and get unstuck from “should” and “have tos
  • Enliven your days with ritual and self-inquiry practices

    Next, we’ll co-create practices to bust through your unique self-care blocks and connect you to a richer, more pleasure-steeped experience of this embodied life.

    Ideal for: Women experiencing fatigue, stress, overextension, dampened vitality or disconnection from their bodies who are ready to recharge, relax, restore and remember deeper sources of meaning in life.

    What you get:

    • Three 60-minute coaching sessions within six weeks unearth what specifically is working against your wellbeing and shift from “almost there” to “ALL IN.”
    • Two 60-minute customized guided home practices rooted in movement, mindfulness, ritual and self-inquiry
    • One 30-minute intuitive guidance session
    • Access to me via email and Voxer for full integration support between sessions
    • Take-home practices for integrating lessons into daily life

    Price: $744 (May be split into two payments.)

    Not sure if this is for you? Let’s chat! 

    Package 3: ALIGN with Purpose

    Conceive and curate your soul mission, your dharma, through regenerative and sustainable life choices—a practice you will love for years to come.

    Goals: Working together on a weekly, ongoing basis, we’ll go into your purpose for this life and the legacy you wish to leave. We’ll call upon the Yogic concept of the Four Goals of Life as well as other wisdom traditions as we unpack and enliven all areas of your life, carving a unique path towards you living as your quintessential Self.

    • Go deep as we tailor each session to your burning desires at that time
    • Ignite your internal fire, remember your brilliance—and how to live from it
    • Rhythmically ride the waves of inspiration as you reconnect to your wise, sensuous and liberated essence
    • Tap into the intuitive beacons of the lunar calendar, your moon cycle and complimentary divine instruments to keep you in harmony with your life’s purpose
    • Accept the invitation to step in and step up to what you really want out of life
    • Choose to go from “almost “ and “kinda” to “All IN, baby!”

    Ideal for: Women who are serious about transforming their way of being in their body, their relationships and their life—while chasing soul-charged dreams in the most satisfying way possible.

    What you get:

    • Your three 60-minute sessions may include one or more of the following, as in-person or virtual sessions:
      • Embodied Life Coaching
      • Private Yoga Session
      • Private Mindfulness Session
      • Private Movement/Dance Session
      • Intuitive Reading/Healing/Soul Activation Session
    • An action plan for the coming month, with customized weekly follow up sessions

    You choose:

    4-month wild woman committment includes everything above plus unlimited yoga at Earth Yoga Boulder and access to my online movement and mindfullness library.

    $644 a month for 4 months

    6-month wild woman committment with includes everything above plus unlimited yoga at Earth Yoga Boulder and access to my online movement and mindfullness library.

    $564 a month for 6 months

    “I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” Audre Lorde